COVID-19 Information

St. Paul’s Core Principles for COVID Response

  1. As Christians, we are called to be faithful in our worship and service of the Triune God and to love our neighbors as we love ourselves.
  2. During his life and ministry, our Lord Jesus healed the sick as an example and sign of the salvation he brings.
  3. Throughout history, Christians have considered both worship of God and care of persons, in particular care of the sick, as essential elements of faithful Christian practice.
  4. Therefore, in the interest of our continued faithfulness as Christians and the well being of everyone in our church and community:
    • St. Paul’s will continue to hold corporate worship at regularly scheduled times
      (Sunday mornings at 9:15am and 11am). {We are currently exploring online options due to the temporary closure}
    • Other aspects of our ministry will continue at the discretion at the lay leaders of those ministries and in consultation with the pastors.
    • In all matters of health and safety, we will follow the guidance of public health
      officials to reduce the chances of the spread of infection.
    • In the absence of specific guidance, individuals are encouraged to follow their
      own best judgment for their health and safety and that of others.
    • The pastors will work with members of the congregation and others with expertise in such matters to develop plans to allow St. Paul’s corporate worship to continue online, if necessary. Any changes to the worship plan will be announced through regular communication methods (bulletin, screen, website, Facebook, email).

All members of the congregation are encouraged to continue to be faithful to their membership vows to support the church with their prayers, presence, gifts, service and witness by:

    • Praying for those who are sick to alert the pastors of any needs in the
      church community.
    • Being present with one another in Christian fellowship whenever
    • Giving faithfully to the church, if necessary through online giving.
    • Serving sick persons in their homes, neighborhood, and community to
      the best of their ability.
    • Witnessing to the hope we have in God, the giver of health and
      salvation and in Christ and his resurrection from the dead.