Luke in 40 Days

Join us this Lenten season to read the book of Luke. Follow this schedule from Ash Wednesday (2/10) until Easter Sunday (3/27) and you will read the entire Gospel of Luke! Sundays are not part of the schedule, so you may want to reread passages that were meaningful to you on that day. Follow the weekly links to read online. Feel free to join the discussion below! Look in this months Lamplighter under What’s Happening for a printable schedule of the full month.

Week 1: Ash Wednesday to February 13th, Luke 1 and 2

Week 2: February 15 through February 20, Luke 3 through 6

Week 3: February 21 to 28, Luke 7 through 9

Week 4: February 29 to March 6, Luke 10 through 13

Week 5: March 7 to March 13, Luke 14 through 18

Week 6: March 14 to March 20, Luke 19 through 22

Week 7: March 21 to March 27


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