St. Paul’s UMC – A Church on a Mission!

We will continue to adhere to our goal of choosing missions that have a positive impact 1.) Locally, 2.) Globally and 3.) Regionally. We also will continue to support missions that have a strong personal connection to members of our church and/or community. When possible, we will “connect the dots” with our existing small groups and missions in order to work collaboratively. We are very excited to see how everything is all coming together and strengthening both our in-reach and out-reach.

August Mission- The Homework Club

HOMEWORK CLUB – What a positive impact this mission has made on our local youth! Money raised this month will support an urgent need for snacks and school supplies; hopefully, for the year. If you have school supplies you would like to find a good home for, please contact Pat Greenwald at patgreenwald@comcast.net.
Monetary checks may be made out to St. Paul’s UMC,
memo’d“Homework Club.” Thank you for helping us continue this very important program for our local, community students.

Help us help others,


Ridia Dearie, Mission Committee Chair