St. Paul’s UMC – A Church on a Mission!

We will continue to adhere to our goal of choosing missions that have a positive impact 1.) Locally, 2.) Globally and 3.) Regionally. We also will continue to support missions that have a strong personal connection to members of our church and/or community. When possible, we will “connect the dots” with our existing small groups and missions in order to work collaboratively. We are very excited to see how everything is all coming together and strengthening both our in-reach and out-reach.

January Mission- Grace and Addiction

As the increase in attendance continues for the Grace & Addiction dinners, monetary donations are requested this month to purchase Bibles for this ministry.  Because we would like to purchase the same Bible version for everyone, we are asking for donations as opposed to actual Bibles.  If there is any additional funding left over, it will be used for dinner supplies, etc. to support this ministry.  Thank you!



  • Chinet-type sturdy dinner plates
  • Aluminum pans (11.75” x 9.5” x 2.5”) to fit standard steam tables
  • Small dessert plates
  • Bowls
  • Packages of cold drinking cups
  • Instant lemonade drink mix
  • Gift cards for local grocery stores and Walmart to purchase upcoming menu items.


Help us help others,


Ridia Dearie, Mission Committee Chair