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5 thoughts on “Passionate Worship

  1. judy creutzer says:

    In response to KMC – There used to be sponsors for new members who could help them get to know the church or answer any questions.

  2. kmc1973 says:

    It’s always hard being the “newbie” in the group. Maybe there’s a way to pair up new families with existing families that have similar back rounds. Whether it be children of the same age, jobs that link them together or living in the same neighborhood.

    Let the new members have a family they get to know, someone they can depend on if they have questions or are feeling left out. I know we don’t ever intend to leave someone feeling out, but sometimes going up to someone new can be difficult.

    Just a thought.

  3. Mari Barnes says:

    Perhaps an evening service once a month could draw someone who may work shift hours, to include weekends. Such as my old job in the OR, or police, and military.

    Perhaps offering a weekly recorded sermon for the new FB, instant message generation.
    This could fill a need to thies tgat are, ill, working odd hours, and or away from home.

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