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2 thoughts on “Radical Hospitality

  1. Doug Tzan says:

    Here’s some of the feedback we’ve heard on ideas and challenges for “Radical Hospitality” so far:

    What/who brought folks here:
    Attended a wedding
    Invitation of a neighbor
    Invitation of a friend
    Coffee Sunday
    Web site/social media

    Ideas for outward invitation:
    More signage in community
    Church flyers in the community welcoming pack
    Be visible at town events
    Participate in community social media
    Advertise church events and ministries in community newsletter or Carroll County Times
    Reach out to various groups like teachers
    Church participation in Sykesville Business association
    Sponsor a community family fun day
    Reach out to the Sykesville apartments
    Sponsor a once a month community dinner and service
    Christmas caroling in the community
    Reach out to the senior living facilities
    Table at Farmer’s Market

    Inward welcome:
    Have people making announcements introduce themselves
    Clear signage in building
    Follow up emails and letters to visitors
    Members wear name tags
    Greeters at Contemporary Service
    Reception/welcome desk at all entrances
    Clearly marked visitor parking
    Who’s who group fair
    Greeting at start of worship
    Ask people to sit in a new place on Sunday morning—“Shuffle the deck”
    Pew partners/mentors for visitors
    Schedule New Member Sunday on the coffee hour Sunday

    Challenge for everyone:
    Write down the names of three persons—neighbors, acquaintances, co-workers—who do not have a church home. Pray for them daily. Pray also for a time ripe to invite them to a ministry of your church.

  2. Doug Tzan says:

    This morning one person suggested that as people make announcements, request prayers, etc., they should first say their name as a way of allowing new attendees and visitors to know a new name. Great idea!

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