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unnamed (1)12/9/2018,  Traditional Service

“It Might Mean For You”  Pastor EunJoung

IMG_198812/9/2018,  Contemporary Service

“Road Construction”  Pastor Doug

IMG_198812/02/2018,  Traditional Service

“Promises Instead Of Proofs”  Pastor Doug

unnamed (1)12/02/2018,  Contemporary Service

“Hope”  Pastor EunJoung

IMG_198811/25/2018,  Traditional Service

“Truth and Kingdom”  Pastor Doug

unnamed (1)11/25/2018,  Contemporary Service

“Who Has The Last Word For Your Life?”  Pastor EunJoung

IMG_198811/18/2018,  Traditional Service

“This Won’t Last”  Pastor Doug

unnamed (1)11/18/2018,  Contemporary Service

“How To Be Thankful When Things Don’t Go Well”  Pastor EunJoung



unnamed (1)11/11/2018,  Traditional Service

“Kingdom Economy”  Pastor EunJoung

IMG_198811/11/2018,  Contemporary Service

“What Generosity Looks Like”  Pastor Doug




IMG_198811/04/2018,  Traditional Service

“He Is With Us In Our Tears”  Pastor Doug

dawn w11/04/2018,  Contemporary Service

“God’s Immeasurable Love For Us”  Dawn Wittfelt

unnamed (1)10/28/2018,  Traditional Service

“You Can See Again”  Pastor EunJoung

IMG_198810/28/2018,  Contemporary Service

“Bartimaeus Bartimaeus”  Pastor Doug

Chris Guyer

10/21/2018,  Traditional Service – Laity Sunday

“God Will Never Quit On You”  Chris Guyer


10/14/2018,  Traditional Service

“What Might Have Been” Pastor Doug

IMG_198810/07/2018,  Traditional Service

“What If”  Pastor Doug

unnamed (1)10/07/2018,  Contemporary Service

“I See You”  Pastor EunJoung

unnamed (1)9/30/2018,  Traditional Service

“Community Prayer and Vulnerability”  Pastor EunJoung

IMG_19889/30/2018,  Contemporary Service

“Focus on Your Own Faith”  Pastor Doug

unnamed (1)9/23/2018,  Traditional Service

“Do not be Afraid to Ask”  Pastor EunJoung

IMG_19889/23/2018,  Contemporary Service

“Like a Tree”  Pastor Doug

IMG_19889/16/2018,  Traditional Service

“Jesus Mystery Story”  Pastor Doug

unnamed (1)9/16/2018,  Contemporary Service

“How to Stop Worrying”  Pastor EunJoung

IMG_19889/09/2018,  Traditional Service

“The Persistent Woman VS Jesus”  Pastor Doug

unnamed (1)9/09/2018,  Contemporary Service

“A New Empty Backpack”  Pastor EunJoung

IMG_19889/02/2018,  Traditional Service

“Thou Shalt Not Eat Unwashed Apples”  Pastor Doug

unnamed (1)9/02/2018,  Contemporary Service

“Hidden, Private, Important”  Pastor EunJoung


8/26/2018,  Traditional Service

“Solomon’s Prayer and a Cathedral Burned”  Pastor Doug

unnamed (1)8/26/2018,  Contemporary Service

“How Can We Cross Over Our Own Red Sea?”  Pastor EunJoung

unnamed (1)8/19/2018,  Traditional Service

“Embrace The Process”  Pastor EunJoung

cropped-img_20150503_102527_693.jpg8/19/2018,  Contemporary Service

“Life in the Blood”  Katie Birger

unnamed (1)8/12/2018,  Traditional Service

“Transitions”  Pastor EunJoung

cropped-img_20150503_102527_693.jpg8/12/2018,  Contemporary Service

“Fear”  Kim Pyles

unnamed (1)8/05/2018,  Traditional Service

“Are You Tired?”  Pastor EunJoung

cropped-img_20150503_102527_693.jpg8/05/2018,  Contemporary Service

“Rolling Down”  Buzz Baker

IMG_19887/29/2018,  Traditional Service

“If We Were There”  Pastor Doug

unnamed (1)7/29/2018,  Contemporary Service

“Who Am I?”  Pastor EunJoung

unnamed (1)7/08/2018,  Traditional Service

“Treasure in Clay Jars”  Pastor EunJoung

IMG_19887/08/2018,  Contemporary Service

“Ordinary People Doing Extraordinary Things”  Pastor Doug


7/01/2018,  Traditional Service

“Missions Trip Testimonies”  

unnamed (1)7/01/2018,  Traditional Service

“Welcoming Pastor EunJoung Joo”  Pastor Doug, Pastor EunJoung

IMG_19887/01/2018,  Contemporary Service

“How Do You Approach Jesus”  Pastor Doug


6/24/2018,  Laity Sunday

Karen Creutzer

Dawn Wittfelt

Dave Lewis


6/17/2018,  Traditional Service

“The Surprise of What Comes Next”  Pastor Doug

cropped-img_20150503_102527_693.jpg6/17/2018,  Contemporary Service

“The Least is First”  Katie Birger


6/10/2018,  Traditional Service

“Why I am a Christian”  Pastor Terri Rae

IMG_19886/10/2018,  Contemporary Service

“Fearfully and Wonderfully Made”  Pastor Doug

IMG_22636/3/2018,  Traditional Service

“The Homesick Restaurant”  Pastor Terri Rae


6/3/2018,  Contemporary Service

“Surprising Warranty”  Pastor Doug


5/27/2018,  Traditional Service

“The Right Person for the Job”  Pastor Terri Rae


5/27/2018,  Contemporary Service

“We Are Blessed”  Pastor Doug


5/20/2018,  Traditional Service

“Take a Deep Breath”  Pastor Doug

IMG_22635/20/2018,  Contemporary Service

“Peter, A Disciple Restored”  Pastor Terri Rae


5/13/2018,  Traditional Service, Mothers Day

Victoria de los Santos

Noelle Htwar

Matthew Coates

Emmy Clothier


5/13/2018,  Contemporary Service

“Names Say A Lot”  Pastor Doug


5/6/2018,  Traditional Service

“The Most Difficult Commandment”  Pastor Terri Rae

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