Sunday School

Charlotte Riesett and Callie Elwood, Sunday School Co-Directors

Charlotte Reisett and Callie Elwood, Sunday School Co-Directors

Online Sunday School

Looking for Christian education and worship activities during the COVID-19 shutdown? We have some fun worship coloring pages available for download. We also encourage you to visit the Deep Blue website and check out their resources.

Download the labyrinth coloring page, and come visit the labyrinth at Church on Monday, September 14!

We would love to have you join our Sunday School program! We offer classes for ages 2 to 18 years, there is a place for everyone. Our Sunday School programs starts near the beginning of September and ends around the end of May.

Sunday School begins each Sunday at 11:00 AM and ends when the worship services end. After the worship service, please pick up your child at his or her classroom. For grades 6 and under, please sign them out. There are no exceptions to this rule.

Children up to grade 6 use the Deep Blue program. Please download our free app (search for Deep Blue) to see what your child is learning each week. You’ll be able to access the songs that they are singing, and there are fun games for the kids to play. You can also check out the Deep Blue website.

Students in grades 7 through 12 have their own relevant, faith building curriculum.

For more information please contact Charlotte Riesett and Callie Elwood, Sunday School Directors, at or 410-795-0714.

Our Mission

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