The Pastors’ Corner

Christmas Blessings


Once upon a Christmas Eve, a man sat in reflective silence before the fireplace pondering the meaning of Christmas. “There is no point to a God who became human”, he mused. “why would an all-powerful God want to share even one precious moment with the likes of us? And, even if God did, why would God choose to be born in an animal stall? The whole thing is absurd! I’m sure that if God really wanted to come down to earth, God would have chosen some other way.”


Suddenly, the man was roused from his reverie by a strange sound outside. He went to the window and saw a small gaggle of blue geese frantically honking and aimlessly flopping about in the snow. They seemed dazed and confused. Apparently, they had dropped out, in exhaustion, from the flight of a larger flock on its way to warmer climes.


Moved to compassion, the man tried to shoo the poor geese into his warm garage, but the more he shooed the more they panicked. “If they only realized I’m only trying to do what’s best for them”, he thought to himself. “How can I make them understand my concern for their well-being?” Then, this thought came to him: “If for just a minute I could become one of them, if I could become an ordinary goose and communicate with them in their own language, they would know what I am trying to do.”


And suddenly…suddenly, he remembered Christmas and a smile came over his face! Suddenly the Christmas story no longer seemed absurd! Suddenly he pictured that ordinary looking infant, lying in the crèche in that stable in Bethlehem, and he knew the answer to his Christmas problem. God had become one of us to tell us in human terms we can all understand, that God Loves Us!


May you experience, once again this Advent and Christmas, the wonder of God’s love!