This Week at St Paul’s 6/10 – 6/17


GREETERS – Todd Brown.  6/17 – Winko, Vicki, Tyger, & Honour Zan.

LITURGISTS – Rich Luebke.  6/17 – Eizabeth Htwar.

NURSERY –  Megan Vogel. 6/17 – Father’s Day.

USHERS Jeff Creutzer, Chris Finney; Todd Brown & Scott Brown.

6/17 – Nancy Pittinger, Bil Gawel, ND Alagbu, &  Chris True.


JUNE MISSION PROJECT – UMCOR #901670 – US Disaster Relief

Through UMCOR, United Methodists extend loving care to people within the United States.  When disaster strikes, it is local churches that provide the first response to their communities.  UMCOR provides training, financial assistance, expertise, community collaboration to churches, and partners to help make them more resilient to disasters.  100% of your donation goes directly to this relief fund.  If you would like to assist, checks may be made payable to St. Paul’s U. M. Church, memo’d, UMCOR #901670.  Thank you!

JUNE MISSION BONUS ROUNDUMCOR HYGIENE RELIEF KITS – The cost of hygiene kits is about $12.00 each.  For instructions go to:


SUMMER HOURS – Beginning on Friday, June 15, the church office will be closed on Friday through September 7.  Mark your calendars!


Reminder from the U. M. Book of Discipline

Paragraph 2412- Returning to a Previous Appointment

As of the effective date of a new appointment, a pastor shall immediately cease all pastoral counseling & pastoral visitation with members or member families in the previous appointment.

Pastors shall have a clear understanding with former congregations that they will not return to officiate at baptisms, weddings, and funerals; or do pastoral counseling or pastoral visitation in that parish.  Pastors, active or retired, shall respectfully decline to participate in such duties when invited by members of a former pastor.  Declining all such invitations is the responsibility of the previous pastor.  The present pastor, at his or her discretion, may invite the previous pastor to return for pastoral functions.  However, the present pastor should never be under any pressure to invite the previous pastor.


                      CHURCH FINANCES – MAY 2018

                               Income                              $147,519

Expenses                          $154,867

Deficit                             ($    7,348)


Income to budget we are behind ($12,251)

As we head into the summer months, giving is typically down a bit and we have some larger bills still to pay such as insurance.




Mon., 6/11              Prayer Shawl Small Group – 10:00 AM – Social Hall

Prayer Circle Small Group – 7:00 PM – Sanctuary

A.A. Meeting – 8:30 PM – Social Hall

Tues., 6/12             Transitions – 6:30 PM

Weds., 6/13            Higher Steps – 12:30 PM – Cooper Park

Fri., 6/15                 The church office begins closing on Friday throughout the  summer months!

 Sat., 6/16                Grace & Addiction Dinner – 6:00 PM – Social Hall

Sun., 6/17               Happy Father’s Day !!

Mon., 6/18              Prayer Circle Small Group – 7:00 PM – Sanctuary

A.A. Meeting – 8:30 PM – Social Hall