Where Should I Park?

Downtown Sykesville is quickly becoming a bustling small town, and St Paul’s UMC is delighted to be a part of the community! This can mean that parking can be confusing at times. The following map outlines the public parking areas around Main Street. St Paul’s only has a very few parking spots dedicated to the building, and these are reserved for members and guests with mobility limitations during Sunday morning services. Southern States, on Main Street, has graciously invited us to use their space  on Sunday mornings for parking.

Parkikng Color

When I get to the building, how do I get in?

If you are entering through the red front doors, follow the stairs all the way up to the sanctuary. We do have an elevator on this level. Pass through the first set of interior doors and there is an elevator to the right. There is also a sanctuary door that opens up to Norwood Avenue. This is only unlocked during Sunday services, but allows for unfettered access to the sanctuary. Feel free to contact one of the pastors if you would like to use this door at other times.

If you are entering through the back doors; the white doors on the large public lot side, you will follow the stairs all the way up and straight ahead to the sanctuary. There is an elevator on this side of the building as well. Take the first short set of steps up to the main landing, turn right, and pass through the doors towards the Sunday School rooms. There is a modern and roomy elevator on the left. You can also access this elevator without traveling over any stairs. To the right of our Pastor and Organist parking spots againt the church building, you will find a door on the lot level. This opens up to our Sunday school basement, with access to the elevator.

There is also a door on Church Street that opens up to our offices. This has an intercom and a buzzer, and is a good choice on weekdays.

During town festivals we encourage members and guests to plan ahead. Frequently the lots fill very early, and sometimes the street may even be closed. We welcome all the wonderful visitors to our small town, and feel that parking issues are a blessing. They mean that we have the opportunity to reach out to so many more guests than we could otherwise!