Who’s Who at St Paul’s

Area of Service



Acolyte Schedule Joy Brooks 443-676-6629
Administrative Board, Chair Temple Riehl 410-635-6522
Administrative Board, vice-Chair Pat Komiske 410-552-0472
Bible Studies Pastor Doug and Pastor EunJoung 410-795-0714    dtzan@stpaulssykesville.org
Choir (Adult) Betty May 410-795-5081       tomandbet1951@yahoo.com
Choir (Angel) Kim Pyles 410-549-1050         kim.pyles@ngc.com
Choir (Youth) Elizabeth Htwar 410-549-0473 ELIZABETH_HTWAR@hcpss.org
Church Committees Pastor Doug 410-795-0714    dtzan@stpaulssykesville.org
Coffee Hour Schedule Colleen Goodman 410-795-0714       admin@stpaulssykesville.org
Easter Flowers

Easter Flowers

Electronic Newsletter

Mary Stoneburner

Ann Byrne

Dawn Wittfelt

443 799-2960

443 340 7758


Envelopes Doug Jones 410-635-2111
Evangelism Valerie Swan 301-854-6224        valnjeff@comcast.net
Finance Committee, Chair Jeff Creutzer 443-920-3973        jakscreutzer@yahoo.com
Financial Secretary Doug Jones 410-635-2111
Assistant Financial Secretary Katie Springer 410-795-3660        clyde643@comcast.net
Greeters Valerie Swan 301-854-6224        valnjeff@comcast.net
Handbell Choir Mary Stoneburner 443 799 2960
Historian Pat Greenwald 410-489-6540         patgreenwald@comcast.net
In-Reach Committee Jenna Reed Tripp, Kim Moore Jackson 443-605-3732, 443-926-1234
Lay Leader/Liturgist Schedule Brian Williams 410-795-8078
Lay Member, Annual Conference Frank Robert 410-552-5433         frgopackgo@yahoo.com
Membership Katie Springer 410-795-3660         clyde643@comcast.net
Memorials Susan Coates 410-795-3959
Missions Ridia Dearie 410-549-7984        sdearie@comcast.net
Music Betty May 410-795-5081       tomandbet1951@yahoo.com
Thursday Morning Bible Study Chris Guyer 410-970-6370
Nursery Carol Bleam 443-845-2491
Organist David Eide-Altman 301-854-6627 roseonkeys@aol.com
Outreach, Email newsletter Dawn Wittfelt 443-244-7799 dwittfelt@yahoo.com


Pastor/Parish Relations Committee, Chair Mike Young 443-920-3052
Poinsettias Mary Stoneburner 443 799 2960
Prayer Circle Jean Luebke 410-795-0599         jcluebke@yahoo.com
Prayer Shawl Ministry Jackie Talley 410-795-8692
Scholarships Wayne and Fran Straitz 410-781-6146
Scout Coordinator (Boy) Jon Brooks 706-825-2648
Scout Coordinator (Girl) Lois Roberts 410-549-4890         lois-roberts@comcast.net
Sunday School Directors Callie Elwood 443-259-0202         callie.elwood@gmail.com
Sunday School Directors Charlotte Riesett 410-549-1106         criesett@verizon.net
Sunshine Reporter
(Cards sent for illness, passings, etc.)
Cathy Fuchs 410-781-7439         cfuchs@checkfree.com
Technical Staff (Sound System) Jay McNeil 443-929-2328         jaybirdshark@gmail.com
Technical Staff (Sound System) Mark Whittemore 410-795-9013         starbreezr@gmail.com
Treasurer Donna Larkin 443-280-1589
Assistant Treasurer Bill Gawel 410-489-4252
Trustees Dave Lewis 410-549-5702
United Methodist Men’s Group Jay Fetterman 410-552-0306
United Methodist Women – President Dawn Wittfelt 443-244-7799        dwittfelt@yahoo.com
United Methodist Women – Vice President Lisa Shifflet
United Methodist Youth Fellowship (UMYF) Kim Donnelly 410-552-5888         donnellykreed@yahoo.com
Ushers Mike Ranke 443-293-7753         mranke2@gmail.com
Vacation Bible School Charlene Williams 410-382-1695     charw5@comcast.net
Web Site Katie Birger 410-818-0723        ckbirger@gmail.com
Wedding Coordinator Jackie Talley/Jean Luebke 410-795-8692, 410-795-0599
Worship Committee Mary Stoneburner 443 799 2960
Young Adult Outreach Debbie Scheller 410-781-6469

updated 2/2019