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March Mission – Girl Rising

In honor of National and International Women’s History month, our giving focuses on future female leaders and the important role that education plays in their growth. Girl Rising is an educational non-profit that uses the power of storytelling to change the way the world values girls and their education. Their story-based tools and curricula engage, energize, and motivate young people to see beyond their borders, value their education, understand their rights, and believe in their capacity to change their lives, their communities, and even the world. Girl Rising provides materials that build confidence and self-advocacy in girls so that they can persist in their education; foster a more inclusive learning environment that leads to improved education outcomes for girls; and change attitudes and social norms. Educators from over 125 countries and all 50 U.S. states have registered to use Girl Rising’s films, books, and free curriculum in their classrooms. From villages in India to United States’ cities, direct results of their programs include families encouraging their daughters’ education, girls advocating for themselves, teachers changing their methods to better support girls, and boys joining clubs to help end gender discrimination. Our donation will help them continue to document and share these compelling stories to foster positive change. For more information, visit

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